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"Great class, very helpful and educational. The driving instructors are very nice and take you through everything step-by-step." Acton Boxborough Sophomore

"The classes were very informative, Kathy is a great teacher, and Paula is a great driving instructor... I learned a lot." Assabet Valley Junior

"I am so glad today that I made the decision to join driver's ed. Everybody go out of their way to make sure that we, the new drivers, are driving safe, more than anything else. They are all doing an excellent job for us, wither in the classroom or behind the wheel. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!" Hudson High School Junior

"I enjoyed driver's ed, because it ultimately was the only place I would have learned how to drive properly." Sudbury Valley School Junior

"Driver's Ed. was awesome because the teacher was terrific!" Hudson High School Sophomore

"Donohue's Driving School has prepared me for the road, and opened my mind up to not only be a defensive driver, but to be aware of all those crazy situations on the road. I always enjoyed the stories and movies. Also, the guest speakers did a great job of educating us how to make our life-long journey of driving a safe and rewarding experience." Acton Boxborough Regional High School Junior

"This school is really good and I got a lot out of the classes. I haven't started driving yet, but I can't wait 'cause Kathy makes it seem exciting." Hudson High School Sophomore

"I liked going to the classes every week because I learned something new each time." Hudson High Sophomore

"I liked it when Trooper Jim came in- it really helped me be aware of how to share the road with trucks." Hudson High School Sophomore

"Most of my friends came to Donohue's, so I decided to join. I've learned more than I thought I would." Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School Junior

"I really enjoyed having guest speakers come in to the class. In addition to having a driving teacher, it also helps to have someone who has experienced a lot of this first-hand." Minuteman Regional High School Sophomore

"Five star- highly recommended..." Maynard High School Sophomore

"I learned a lot from having Trooper Jim come in and talk to us about trucks, and whenever I drive on the highway will remember trucks and their 'no zones' (blind spots)." Hudson High School Junior

"NO ZONES! STAY OUT OF THE NO ZONES!" Hudson Catholic High School Junior

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